10 March 2017

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Friday 17th Penguin Assembly from 9.05am

Snow Leopards Assembly 2.15pm

Non-School Uniform Day for Mother’s Day (gift optional, see below)

Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd Each child will have the opportunity to purchase a Mother’s Day gift for £2
Tuesday 21st Caterpillars and Parents EYFS walk 9am – 10am

Year 2 trip to Wingham Wildlife Park

Wednesday 22nd Owls and Parents EYFS walk 9am – 10am
Thursday 23rd Foxes and Parents EYFS walk 9am – 10am

Reception classes Mother’s Day Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm

Friday 24th Polar Bear Assembly from 9.05am

Year 1 Mother’s Day Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm

Comic Relief Day – non uniform day – wear something red for a coin donation

Monday 27th Year 2 Mother’s Day Assembly 2.15pm – 2.45pm
Friday 31st 9.05am Birthday assembly – parents of children with birthdays in March invited

Last day of term

Tuesday 18th Children return to school
Thursday 20th Friends Spring Fair
The end of term 5 is on Friday 26th May, children return to school on Monday 5th June


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year




 Polar Bear






Illnesses throughout the school

Unfortunately we have continued to have some illnesses which have significantly affected attendance this week. There has been Nero-virus and slapped cheek.  We are encouraging the children to wash their hands very regularly.


  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Elsie George & Alex Micah
 Polar Bear Joshua William & Freya Joshua Riley
 Snow Leopard Ethan Samuel & Amber Emma Emma Lily
 Sea Horse Sienna Joshua & Madison Bledion Eva
 Star Fish Dominic Scarlett & JJ Mia Rayna
 Turtle Catalina Sarah & Jon Kayden Lacey
 Fox Bethany Levi & Leo Henry Elizabeth
 Caterpillar Cruz Jake & Lola Cruz Cleo
Owl Jack Scarlett E & Kieron Nita Amelia
Bonus card winners this week – Polar Bear


Can you help with any of the following items……?

If you have any unwanted Easter decorations, baby clothes (small sizes to fit dolls), old china tea sets (they doon’t have to be complete) or any Pixar Incredible figures they could be put to good use in school. For our topics next term we would be grateful for donations of any of the following items:-

Noah’s Ark: figures, animals, dove, ark.

Peter Pan: dress up, figures (hook, tinkerbell, peter pan, mermaid etc)

Pirates: pirate ship, pirate hat, eye patch, pirate swords, pirate flag, telescope, pirate coins.

Figures like crabs and starfish, seaweed, sea life creatures, fish, whales, dolphins, small fishing nets (such as for an aquarium you have in your home)

Boys underpants (for pirates love underpants theme week)

Coloured pegs

 Dolphin Pod

Last week we had the grand opening of our new Dolphin Pod.  We managed to dodge the rain and the whole school went out on to the playground where we had a short ceremony to cut the ribbon. The School Council were in charge of each class’ votes, choosing the most appropriate name. This new facility will be used for lots of different activities and will be a valuable extra meeting room for the school. A huge thank you to Mr Beaney for his hard work in building the pod and for Mrs Drage for overseeing the project!


What we’ve been up to……

This week in EYFS we have been on an adventure to Planet Pea. We saw some really strange creatures and living things while we were there and recorded them during our Literacy lessons. The next day however there was a disaster and Planet Pea collided with planet Earth and we had a great big pea mess to sort out! In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and made our own Superhero tools and labelled the shapes that we used. We have also been thinking about moving across apparatus in different ways in P.E helping us get from Planet Pea back to Earth

In Year 1 this week we have been learning about non-fiction books. The children made a page of the book which looked at plants we can eat and plants that we cannot eat. They put this information in a diagram. They also made a page of flowering and non-flowering plants and a page on deciduous and evergreen trees. The children went on a walk around the school and looked for the different types of trees. Please ensure your child has wellington boots in school for when we go outside on the grass areas.

In Maths the children have been learning about multiplication by learning about groups of equal amounts as well as rows of equal amounts. They learnt about doubling any amount to 10.

We had a brilliant time in our singing academy workshop where we learnt lots of new songs about Spring.


Year 2 have been lucky enough to receive another letter from our animal enthusiast, Andy Smith. Our challenge this week was to write a non- chronological report all about nocturnal animals. We learnt what a non-chronological report is and the features that need to be included. Our writing at the end of the week included adjectives, exciting sentence openers and even different sentence types, for example questions and exclamation sentences. We had a practise of these different types of sentences in our SPAG lessons. Our teachers were so impressed by our writing it was put up on display for everybody to see.

In Maths we have been carrying on with fractions of amounts and have now learnt about quarters, thirds and halves.

We got to explore our woodland area in Science this week. We have been learning about different local British habitats and we are lucky enough to have two of these very close to us! A woodland habitat and a pond habitat.

We also enjoyed the singing workshop we took part in with Sing Academy. We learnt to keep the beat in different ways and learnt new and exciting songs all about the spring time and going on a picnic on a lovely summer’s day. It made us look forward to the Easter holidays which are fast approaching!


Sing Academy

The children had a fab day on Wednesday with Sing Academy who, as mentioned above taught the children some new songs with a Spring theme. Josh and Alice who led the workshops were impressed by the children’s ability to learn a range of songs quickly whilst also keeping a beat and rhythm.  We do hope those of you came along enjoyed it as much as we did!


Friends of Downs view

Thank you to the parents that came to join in with the Easter Bunny Fun, as far as I’m aware fun was had by all.  We still have the tails & ribbons to attach so we will be having another get together so watch this space. We are always after extra help & it’s a way of getting with like-minded parents to have a chat with.  Can we please remind you all of Non-school uniform day on Friday 17th March .This year we are trying to make Mother’s day about the children having a bit of independence to choose a small gift that they think their Mummy, Carer, Grandma feel special which is why we are asking the children to bring in a small gift for a female. We will be doing a year group at a time to allow them to choose a gift but should you feel that you don’t wish to take place then the children can still take part in Non-school Uniform Day. All gifts will be beautifully wrapped for the children to hide from their Mums/carers. There will be other surprises coming home too!


Don’t forget to get your thinking caps on for your Easter designs on your cakes or biscuits.

Have a lovely weekend & we look forward to seeing you soon

Mandy. Maureen & France


Apology- Answers on book quiz

We would like to apologise for the publication of some incorrect answers on the book quiz last week.  These were………

Q 10.  Owl is the 2nd animal that mouse meets, not fox.

Q 13.  Miss Trunchbull is the fearsome teacher in Matilda (the ‘Trunchbull’), not Mrs Wormwood who is Matilda’s mum.

We would like to point out that the winner did have the correct answers.


SmarterPlay – App for Families in Kent

Smarter Play is a new resource from Kent County Council to give families in Kent access to ideas, resources and locations to explore with their children.

With up-to-date information from a range of locations and in-app tools, SmarterPlay offers families ideas and information to enhance young children’s learning and experiences – literally at their fingertips

Features of the SmarterPlay app include:

  • Regular weekly pop-ups, related to age of child, on fun ideas and activities to promote early learning related to the EYFS Development Matters statements

Information and links to useful websites covering:


  • Special Moments – the importance of bonding and attachment
  • Movers and Shakers – the importance of physical activities
  • Again, Again & Again – recognising and understanding schemas
  • Relating to Others – the importance of forming relationships – social and emotional development
  • Tips for Talking – supporting and encouraging children’s ability to talk
  • Exciting Explorations – the wonders of playing with every day and non-expensive items
  • Rest, Routines and Relaxation – the importance of ensuring adequate rest and regular routines
  • Making Memories – capture and annotate special moments, significant learning. Families could be encouraged to share these with their school or childcare provider and add to their children’s Learning Journeys – a useful tool to support meaningful and individual planning.
  • Family Friendly Places (geo-located) to visit including:
    • Parks
    • Children’s Centre’s
    • Zoos
    • Pre-schools/nurseries/childminders
    • Nappy changing facilities
    • Schools
    • Libraries
    • Farms
  • Choosing Childcare? Guidance on what to consider when selecting childcare
  • Information on local early years providers and schools including link to Ofsted website for latest Ofsted inspection reports
  • Free Childcare – access to information on funding and relevant forms
  • Did You Know? – an interactive quiz for families highlighting the importance of supporting children’s development, wellbeing and safety in a fun and inspiring way
  • An audio function for families with English as an additional language or literacy difficulties.

SmarterPlay app is totally free and available for iOS (version 7 or above) and Android.

For more information please visit your app store.