16 June 2017


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Tuesday 20th AGM of Friends of Downs View 3.30pm at the school
Thursday 22nd Teddy Bear’s picnic themed lunch, children may bring their teddies in to school with them to enjoy the lunch
Friday 23rd Caterpillar assembly

Year 2 – End of transition week parade –2.15pm parents invited

Transition exhibition in the hall 3pm-4pm – parents invited

Saturday 24th Kennington Summer Fete 12pm-4pm
Tuesday 27th Sports Day from 9.30am weather permitting or 2nd choice 13th July
Friday 30th Birthday assembly
Wednesday 5th 4pm CATS Collective Choir Concert -Year 2  St Mary the Virgin Church, Town Centre (children – rehearsal from 1.30pm-3.30pm)
Friday 7th Fox assembly
Monday 10th 5pm – 5.30pm Parent meeting for all new year 2 pupils (current year 1) in Sept, to run through of routines, expectations etc.

6pm – 6.30pm Parent meeting for all new year 1 pupils (current year R) in Sept to run through of routines expectations etc.

Wednesday 12th School reports home to parents
Thursday 13th Year 2 Transition film premiere 6pm at Kennington Academy – parents of year 2 children invited
Thursday 20th Birthday assembly for children with Birthdays in July and August.

Last day of term

Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Future dates
4th & 5th Sept Inset days – no children in school
Wednesday 6th September Year 1 and 2 children return to school
Monday 11th September New Reception begin – am or pm
Thursday 20th October Last day of term 1
Friday 21st October Inset day – no children in school


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year









A sad farewell and a few hellos….

Miss Doyle, Caterpillar class teacher, will sadly be leaving us at the end of the summer term.  Miss Doyle is taking a career break to go travelling.  We are very sorry to see her go and she will be greatly missed around the school. We have appointed two new teachers, Miss Ball who will take over a Reception class in September and Mrs Little who will be in Year 2.  These two new teachers will be in school over the next few weeks to meet the children and their new classes.

  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Elicia Daisy & Alfie George Ellis
Polar Bear Ellie Freya & Noah William Evie
Snow Leopard Samuel Suphera & Jacob Frank Zak
Sea Horse Kylan Joshua & Tegen Sophie B Teddie Samuel
Star Fish Rosie Liam & Bella Liam Lola
Turtle Lily-Rose Alfie & Catalina Felicity Evie
Fox Amelia Leo & Lacey Morgan Andy
Caterpillar James C Luke & Charlie O Jack Charlie
Owl Ryan Amelia & Scarlet S Nita Isabelle
Bonus card winners this week –   Caterpillar class


A few polite reminders….

The sun is out! Please remember the following now the weather is getting hotter

  • provide your child with a sun hat
  • put sun cream on your child before school
  • ensure they have a water bottle in school everyday

Kennington Academy have asked us to remind parents that their children should not venture behind the mobile classrooms (huts) at Kennington or run around the classrooms while they wait for Kennington children to come out.  This is because it can be distracting for the children who are still having lessons.

What we’ve been up to……

This week in EYFS we have been continuing our journey across the rainbow. We used the story of Elmer as we described him like a rainbow as colourful! In Literacy we read different Elmer stories and then created our own stories which involved Elmer visiting Legoland, the swimming pool and space with his jungle friends! In Maths we used the patchwork pattern on Elmer to create our own subtraction number stories involving his patchwork colours getting washed away with the rain I.e. Elmer had 10 rainbow patches. 4 got washed away by the rain. How many did Elmer have left? We then recorded our calculations using tens frames, part part whole, number lines and even had a try at writing a number sentence. We have also been busy working on our Sports Day games (Remember your child does need a PE kit in school and some plimsoles / trainers).

This week in Year One the children have been learning more about the adults in our school. On Monday the children created some important questions that they would like to ask the adults. The adults then visited the classrooms for an interview session conducted by the children. The children learnt some fascinating facts including favourite songs and how many pets they have and then put these into a poster the next day. At the end of the week the children learnt about the patron saints of all of the countries in the U.K. In maths this week the children have learnt how to find half of shapes and quantities.

Year 2 have become authors this week and written their own version of The Enormous Crocodile thinking of some sneaky tricks that he could play on the children. In Science we have learnt about the different parts of a plant and even planted some seeds of our own. We have predicted what we think will happen to the plants in the different conditions. In DT we have experimented with different types and sizes of wheels and axles to see which would be most suitable for our vehicle. In History we have written questions that we want to find out about toys from the past. If there are any Grandparents willing to come in and answer some of our questions for us please get in touch!

Next week is our transition week; we are really looking forward to all the fun we are going to have. Please can your child wear their own practical, comfy clothes and shoes all week. Don’t forget we have a big finale in the playground at 2.15pm on Friday 23rd June followed by an exhibition at 3pm in the hall of everything we got up to.

Can you help with any of the following items……

Thank you to those of you who have donated items in the past. It helps us provide a wide range of resources and benefits all the children.  If you have any of the following items you are willing to donate that would be much appreciated. Please hand any items into the office.


  • All types of animals figures – farm, forest, jungle, desert, savannah
  • Playdough
  • Children’s dark wellies (plain)
  • Metal colander
  • Magnetic letters
  • Flash cards
  • Alien toys
  • Spaceship toys, spacemen figures
  • Metal items such as plates, pots, pans, lids, trays
  • Space dress up, aliens, spaceman
  • Musical instruments (not electrical)
  • Measuring tape
  • Speed stacking cups
  • Small canvas book shelf
  • Children’s plastic garden chairs
  • Decorative gems/stones
  • Treasure box
  • Wooden train set including surrounding (trees, station)
  • Sand toys / Sand moulds
  • Plastic fish, crabs, fish, seahorse, shell, turtle, sea creatures etc
  • Plastic butterflies
  • Wooden bricks
  • Unused business envelopes (such as those that companies send – return envelopes)
  • Lego
  • Microwave (doesn’t have to work)
  • Cork stoppers
  • Conkers
  • Pine cones
  • Plastic pipes/tubes
  • Water toys​​
  • Funnels
  • Plastic jugs 

Scooter/bike park

We are aware that our scooter/bike park is getting very full which is good news as these means that many children are having regular physical exercise before and after school.

The School Council have taken action to improve this and have supported Mrs Collins in writing a travel plan bid to K.C.C.  They have taken photos of the area and the bid has been sent today. They have requested money to fund more scooter parks which can be spread out, a bike shelter for larger bikes and adult bikes and welly racks for year 1 and 2 wellies to stop these cluttering the corridors.  The bid is for £5,000 and we hope that we are successful to improve the situation.  Please do not let the overcrowding stop you , the fencing around the grassed area is going to be removed to make access a little easier.



We are often asked about childminding services in the local area and although we cannot recommend, we are happy to compile a directory and pass on any details.  If you are a childminder or use a childminder and are happy to share this information please pass this on to Helen in the office on office@downs-view.kent.sch.uk or pop in to the office.


Co-opted Governor vacancy

We have another exciting opportunity vacancy for a co-opted Governor (which cannot be a parent) but can be a person from the community who would be willing to support the school.  The Governors monitor and evaluate and promote improvement strategies as agreed in the Downs View School Plan. The commitment we need is to attend  ten 2 hour meetings per year, with a willingness to work with the Headteacher and the Governing body. We have a strong governing body and the successful applicant would only strengthen this further.  There is a video on our website which explains the role in greater detail.  This can be found on  http://www.downs-view.kent.sch.uk/governors/


Kennington and Downs View After School Club over summer


Kent Play Clubs will be running several clubs over the summer holidays. The club which is being held at Downs View is the week of 24th July and the week of 31st July. It will run from 8am until 6pm.  A club will also run on the weeks of 7th,  14th 7 21st August at Kingsnorth 8am until 6pm.  Kingsnorth will also run a holiday club during half term (23rd October).  For more details please call 07724 198112 or for Kingsnorth information call 07749 280043.  For more information call 01233 713813 or visit the website www.kentplayclubs.org.uk  Costs are £20 per day or £10 for ½ day.