18 January 2019

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Monday 21st School Nurse Service – height and weight checks for children in Year R
Tuesday 22nd 3-3.45pm Book look – pop in and see your children’s learning in books in class
Friday 25th Birthday assembly- parent/carers invited for children with a birthday in January
Thursday 31st School class photographs
Friday 1st 9.05am Dolphin class assembly
Tuesday 5th 2.15pm Keeping safe on the Internet – workshop for parent/carers to learn with your children
Friday 8th 9.05am Polar Bear class assembly
Friday 15th ·      Birthday assembly

·      End of term 3

Monday 25th Staff training day – Children not in school
Tuesday 26th Children return to school
Thursday 28th Mid- year reports to parents
Friday 1st March 9.05am Snow Leopard class assembly
Monday 4th March Book week – range of activities to encourage children to enjoy reading
Thursday 7th ·      World Book Day – children can dress as their favourite book character or come in their pyjamas.  All children can bring their favourite book to school to enjoy with others.

·      3.20-6.00pm Parent Consultation meetings

Friday 8th 9.05am Turtle class assembly
Tuesday 12th 3.20-6.30pm Parent Consultation meetings
Friday 15th 9.05am Penguin class assembly
Friday 22nd 9.05am Starfish class assembly
Friday 29th Birthday assembly
Final Training day 28th June 2019
Every Monday (term time only) Parent and Baby/Toddler group – Puppies room 1.15pm-2.45pm




Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
94.03% 93.5 Penguin





  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Daisy Sammy  




Charlie C



Charlie O

Polar Bear Amelia Franky  




Amelia M



Snow Leopard Anna Phelan  







Dolphin Lily-Grace Henry  







Star Fish Alfie Charlie H  









Turtle Amelia Reda  







Fox Maeve George  









Squirrel Emily M Luca  









Owl Ariella Anire  










Bonus Coin Winner of the Week – Fox
Punctuality Pup – Owl

Welcome to Rebecca Caro our new Parent and Baby/Toddler Leader

Rebecca is our new Parent & Baby/Toddler Leader. She is leading play sessions at our Parent and Baby/Toddler group on a Monday afternoons. Please come along to the group and meet her. The session runs from 1.15pm until 2.45pm (term time only). The theme this term is winter and this week, Monday 21stJanuary, the activity is polar bears.


Farewell to Mrs Burch

We are sad to be saying good bye to Mrs Burch today who worked in Penguins and Dolphins class. She is taking adoption leave until the end of the year.  We are sure you will join us to say goodbye and good luck to her and her family.  We would like to thank her for the support and care which she provided for many children across the school.


The Ashford Panto – starring Miss Anderson – Peter Pan

We would like to wish Miss Anderson the best of luck and in theatre talk ‘break a leg!’ as she plays the part of Big Chief in the Ashford Panto – Peter Pan.  There are limited tickets left to see the amazing performance.  If you would like to book tickets, please go to the website http://ashfordtheatre.uk/


Collection at the end of the day

If you have a relative/friend who is/will be picking up your child regularly please let the office know.  They will be added to the list of adults with parent/carer’s permission to collect.  This will save you having to telephone the school each time they collect.


Vacancy for a cleaner

We have a vacancy for a cleaner for at least one day per week- from 3pm- 5.30pm. The day is negotiable.  There could be the opportunity for more hours to cover sickness and extra hours during school holidays. This is a Kent Range 2 position and is paid at £8.10 per hour. Please contact the office if you are interested or pass on the school’s details to somebody you may know who is interested.



What we have been learning………




This week in EYFS we have been on an adventure with Supertato. At one point Supertato was stolen by the evil pea and by creating our own posters we managed to get him safely returned. While creating our posters we thought carefully about the sounds we could hear for words we needed and wrote these sounds down in the correct order. The story caused lots of discussion about superheroes, sidekicks and villains. We decided to use different fruits to create our own superheroes and villains and put these new characters into our own imaginative stories. All the discussions had about food this week encouraged us to look inside the grown-ups lunch boxes and find out about our food likes and dislikes and which foods are healthier. We talked about unhealthy foods can still be eaten but in moderation!!!! In Maths we have been continuing working on recognition of numbers and how to write these numerals and represent a given quantity using manipulatives and recording independently on whiteboards. We have continued to think about special places and have begun to explore the church as a special place for Christians.


A little plea…!

As you can see we are really trying to encourage independence at the moment. Please try hard to encourage your child to try for themselves before supporting. Let them write the sounds that they can hear when they are writing instead of writing for them to copy. Let them use the scissors to cut things out. Get them to put on their own coat, zip it up and put their own hat, gloves and scarf on (mittens are so much easier!!!) and remember all these little things will be of great help in encouraging their independence.



Year 1


Year 1 have been very busy! We had a great start to the week by designing and making our own split pin puppets, we found this challenging but very rewarding. The children were very proud of their end results. In English this week we have been learning all about instructions. We started by exploring instructional texts, then learnt how to write our own using bossy verbs. Now we can teach others how to make split pin puppets using our super instructions! In maths we have been learning how to represent numbers up to 20, this involved using various methods such as tens frames, Numicon and Dienes. This will help us to become more secure before moving onto addition up to 20 next week. Geography this week has involved us looking at maps and finding out what the symbols mean. We have loved getting active in PE this week, where we have continued to practise our throwing and catching skills.


Year 2


This week in Year 2 we have read the story ‘The Hunter’. From this we have written speech between the elephant and Jamina. We explored diary entries and have written one of our own pretending to be Jamina explaining her experience. Can the children have a go at a diary entry from their perspective for their home learning? In Maths we have continued learning about division into groups of 2, 5 and 10. Duringour ‘Let’s Explore’ morning we discussed the rainforest habitat and what different plants and animals live at the different layers. We created an amazing piece of art work to show this! We then learnt about food chains and created some of our own thinking about which animals would be in the same habitat.


Top Trumps

If you have any spare sets of the card game ‘Top Trumps’ that you no longer need any donations to the school would be much appreciated, they will be used in class and during the lunch period. Please bring them into the office. Thank you. 

School Bags

Unfortunately we are finding lots of coats and bags are not fitting on the school pegs and are becoming a tripping hazard in the school corridors. In light of this, please can we request that you either send your child into school with a book bag or small rucksack/backpack.

Safety on the playground and around the school site

Please can we remind you not to let your children use bikes or scooters on the playground before and after school as this is dangerous and there have been a few near accidents recently.

If you see any dangerous driving outside of the school please can we request that you report registration plate numbers to the police, thank you for your continued vigilance.


We would like to remind children that they should not bring toys from home into school. Unfortunately we have noticed a few finding their way into school and we cannot guarantee to keep them safe. We have lots of resources available for the children to use in class and during playtime and lunch. Your help with this would be much appreciated.


Pupil premium

As you may be aware if you are in receipt of certain benefits your child could be classed as pupil premium which can be determined by filling out a quick form from the office.  This could bring in extra funding to the school to benefit your child and others. Your circumstances may have changed since your child started school, so it’s always worth checking whether you fit the criteria. Further information can be accessed through the following link.


You may not be aware but as well as families who are in receipt of benefits, schools are given a pupil premium money for:

  • Children who have qualified for free school meals at any point in the past six years.
  • Children who are or have been looked after under local authority care for more than one day.
  • Children from service families who receive a child pension from the Ministry of Defence.

Please contact the office if you think you may fit any of the criteria above. 

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