19 May 2017


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Thursday 25th Book Look after school

New Reception parents (for September) meeting from 6pm

Friday 26th Birthday assembly for all children who have birthdays in May – Parents welcome.

Non Uniform Day – for a donation of a children’s toy/jigsaw/game/book for the summer fayre

Last day of term

Monday 5th Children return to school
Friday 9th Starfish assembly

Non-uniform day for donation of a male gift for Friends Father’s Day gift sale

Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th Father’s Day gift sale – £2

Year R – Monday, Year 1 – Tuesday, Year 2 – Wednesday


Friday 16th Turtle assembly
Friday 23rd Caterpillar assembly
Saturday 24th Kennington Summer Fete
Tuesday 27th Sports Day from 9.30am weather permitting or 2nd choice 13th July
Friday 30th Birthday assembly
Wednesday 5th 4pm CATS Collective Choir St Mary the Virgin Church, Town Centre
Friday 7th Fox assembly
Thursday 20th Birthday assembly

Last day of term

Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Future dates
4th & 5th Sept Inset days – no children in school
Wednesday 6th September Year 1 and 2 children return to school
Thursday 20th October Last day of term 1
Friday 21st October Training day – school closed for children


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year




Snow Leopard






Year 2 collecting at the end of the school day

Now the weather is warmer and the classrooms have their doors open can we ask that you wait in the top main playground until 2.55pm to collect your child from the year 2 area.  When parents come down into the year 2 area and wait outside the classrooms it can be very distracting for the children who are just finishing off their day. Thank you.


  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Alex George & Alicia Tia Thomas
Polar Bear Riley Kassidy & Ellie-May Riley James
Snow Leopard Suphera Cara & Tia Oscar Mischa
Sea Horse Brooke Sophie & Henry Lydia Kylan
Starfish Russell Calesha & Ceres Jessie Charley
Turtle Alfie Annabelle & Lily-Rose Freya Tallulah
Fox Asya Ellie & Jimmy Charley Harry
Caterpillar Sofia Evie E-D & Cruz Jake James
Owl Logan Alexia & Daisy H Daisy W-M Logan
Bonus card winners this week – Fox


What we’ve been up to……

This week in EYFS we have been transported to Neverland where we had an opportunity to meet Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. They helped us to think about different characters looks and personalities by using a variety of adjectives I.e. Sparkly blue wings, mean, cheeky, long black beard. The Pirates also accidentally left some of their treasure behind and after solving the clues we managed to find the coins in the outdoor area in all sorts of places, in front of the shed, in the sand, under the tyres. We have also been busy creating our own Peter Pan costumes including Indian head dresses and Tinker Bell wings and wands!

The EYFS children have also been really lucky. Mrs and Mr Elliott have been busy making for us a new Mud Kitchen! They listened to what Scarlett (their daughter) said we needed and got busy designing and creating. We are so lucky and the children couldn’t wait to use it! The EYFS team and children can’t thank you enough for your kindness it is really appreciated.


In Year One this week the children have used the facts they have learnt from Dover castle to write a persuasive poster. At the start of the week we looked at the features of a persuasive poster and thought about what we would need to add to persuade people to go to Dover castle. In maths the children have been learning to solve addition and subtraction problems. They thought about fluency, how they could use their knowledge of number pairs to 10 to help them with this. In music the children have worked on finding the beat in music and listening to the pitch.

Year 2 have been very excited this week to finally discover the culprit of the missing cake! During our ICT we have been receiving emails from Mrs Kent asking for our help to track down who had stolen a delicious chocolate cake from the staff room.
We received our last piece of the puzzle this week in the form of an excel table of potential suspects and only one of them fitted all the criteria we knew our suspect had; brown hair, yellow coat and yellow shoes. It was Mrs Rowson! We quickly drafted out and wrote an email back to Mrs Kent telling her who the guilty person was and how we had discovered who it was. Mrs Kent has spoken to Mrs Rowson and she would like to reassure you that Mrs Rowson didn’t steal the cake but she had put it away as it was a hot day and she was afraid it would melt. It was so busy in the office that day that she had forgotten to tell Mrs Kent.  Mrs Kent was impressed with the lengths year 2 went to in order to find the culprit and was amazed at the details enclosed within the emails she received.
We have enjoyed listening to different composer’s famous pieces of music this week. For example Mozart and Edward Elgar and drew how they made us feel.
In Geography we have learnt about the 4 seasons and discussed how they are different and how the world around us looks different during different seasons.


CATS Choir

Twenty four of our year 2 children took part in their first collective rehearsal at St Mary the Virgin Church in Ashford with six other schools from the CATs collaboration.  The children were absolutely amazing and were a credit to the school.  They enjoyed the experience so much that they sung all the way home and greeted the coach driver and office staff with their melodic tones on their return! A very proud moment for Mrs Kent!  They are working towards a concert on 5th July where parents and carers will be able to come and watch.  This is a unique opportunity and the children enjoyed the whole experience. A huge thank you to Miss Anderson and Mrs Troman who have been practising a range of songs with the children, also to Mrs Bennett one of our Teaching Assistants  and Mrs Ozdemir one of our Governors who came along to support the children.  

Governor Vacancies

We currently have two Governor vacancies; one for a parent Governor and one for a co-opted Governor.  This means parents, relatives or people from the community can apply. We are particularly looking for experience in finance, local businesses or I.T.  This is not essential as our biggest requirements are to have volunteers who have a passion about wanting the best for the children at Downs View.  Governors have the opportunity to support and challenge the leadership and direction of the school and work closely with Mrs Kent to ensure that your children get the best education possible.  If you are interested and would like to know a little more, please watch our Governor recruitment video by clicking the following link… https://youtube/qthuEFXmG4A and where current Governors from our CATs collaboration, including Felicity Moore our Chair of Governors share their experiences There is also further information on our website about our current Governors and the role. If you are interested and willing to commit to ten 2 hour meetings across the year please email Mrs Kent on headteacher@downs-view.kent.sch.uk or the school office on office@downs-view.kent.sch.uk.


Buzzing bees

We have a swarm of bumble bees which have settled in a nest box in a tree outside Mrs Kent/Mrs Collin’s office. This is near Penguins class too so the children have been kept away from the area.  Hopefully they will be removed and re-homed safely on Saturday.  We are advising you not to use the side gate by the year 2 area for you and your child’s safety until they are removed.