26 May 2017

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Monday 5th Children return to school
Tuesday 6th No Coffee Morning in Puppies this week
Friday 9th Starfish assembly

Non-uniform day for donation of a male gift for Friends Father’s Day gift sale

Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th Father’s Day gift sale – £2

Year R – Monday, Year 1 – Tuesday, Year 2 – Wednesday

Friday 16th Turtle assembly
Friday 23rd Caterpillar assembly

Year 2 – End of transition week parade –2.15pm parents invited

Transition exhibition in the hall 3pm-4pm – parents invited

Saturday 24th Kennington Summer Fete
Tuesday 27th Sports Day from 9.30am weather permitting or 2nd choice 13th July
Friday 30th Birthday assembly
Wednesday 5th 4pm CATS Collective Choir Concert -Yr 2  St Mary the Virgin Church, Town Centre
Friday 7th Fox assembly
Thursday 13th Year 2 Transition film premiere 6pm at Kennington Academy – parents invited
Thursday 20th Birthday assembly for children with Birthdays in July and August.

Last day of term

Friday 21st Inset Day – no children in school
Future dates
4th & 5th Sept Inset days – no children in school
Wednesday 6th September Year 1 and 2 children return to school
Thursday 20th October Last day of term 1
Friday 21st October Training day – school closed for children


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school

this week

Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year




Polar Bear





Hello and welcome……

Welcome back Miss Hunt who has returned to school following her maternity leave. We also welcome a new member of staff in Starfish class, Mrs Karen Godfrey.

Sainsbury’s vouchers

We are doing our last count of Sainsbury’s vouchers.  If anyone has any hiding away in their purse/handbag/pockets please bring them in next week.  Thank you.


  Reading award Active award Sunshine award Feet on Friday Star table
 Penguin Maddie Sinead & Toby Thomas, George

Micah, Chloe

Archie Daisy
Polar Bear Ede Darby & Oliver James Katie
Snow Leopard Hari Oscar & Maisie Tianna Honey
Sea Horse Julia Faith & Angeal James C James Madison
Starfish Rayna Vinnie & Mayzee Rayna Vinnie
Turtle Jacob Kelly & Harvey Sarah Freya
Fox Albie Amelia & Ethan Chanise Cody
Caterpillar Lesley Harry K & Benjamin Charlie O Jake
Owl Amelia Tristan & Harry Kieran Daisy N
Bonus card winners this week – Penguins


Here comes the sun……

Now the sun has decided to appear most days please ensure that you have put sun cream on your child before school and that they have a sun hat and water bottle in school every day.  We ask that parents do not give their children sun cream to put on during the school day as they cannot always put it on appropriately themselves.


Safety measures for your child in school

Following the tragic event in Manchester on Monday the 22nd May 2017,  we would like to reassure you that we have safety measures and procedures in place should there ever be a threat made to our school.  All staff are aware and we will be practising these procedures regularly.


You may be wondering how to talk about such issues with children without causing further distress or fear. There are a number of useful resources and guidance available to help professionals and parents with these discussions which have been suggested by Kent Education Psychology Service.  This guidance can be found on the following link: www.krisepsyk.no/in-english/articles/terror-media-and-children  Staff have found this guidance useful especially with the varying knowledge that children have.  The key for children at this age is to know they are safe.  They may struggle to understand what is happening and they observe and take their cues about their own safety and what to do from you as their parents and us as their educators.

Our thoughts are with the families who have been affected by this dreadful event.


Visiting bees

The bumble bees were unable to be removed from the bird nesting box where they have made their new home outside of Mrs Kent/Mrs Collins’ office. We have looked up information regarding our nest on the Bumblebee Conservation website and found out that Bumblebees are not generally aggressive (we think we have tree bumblebees). They don’t form swarms, but there may be a cloud of male bees flying outside the nest. They do a wonderful job of pollinating plants, wildflowers and your vegetables. Even the very largest nests produce very little “traffic” in and out, so you shouldn’t see threatening numbers of bees at any point during the summer.
 Bumblebee nests don’t live for long, so the nest should die naturally within a few months.


What we’ve been up to……

In EYFS we have been exploring the story Pirates Love Underpants. During Literacy we have been designing and then describing our own pants. We managed to use some amazing adjectives!  In Maths we have been using spotty pants to help us to double numbers. We then used this new learning to make doubling pictures during our ID time.

In Understanding the World we have explored materials that float and sink to help us create pirate boats that could sail across the seven seas! Over the half term holidays don’t forget to consolidate the phonemes, digraphs and tricky words we have been putting in and look out for the homework sticker too.


In Year One we have been writing a report about Queen Elizabeth II. The children started the week learning about the Queen. Our favourite fact was that she invented her own type of dog call the Dorgi, it is a mix of a dachshund and a corgi. The Queen was also a mechanic during the war. The children have learnt the different features of report writing including introductions and subheadings. In Maths the children have been learning about capacity, they learnt to measure the amount a container would hold in units.


We have had a very musical week this week in Year 2! We have been looking at pieces of music played by an orchestra and have talked about how it can tell a story throughout. We even tried identifying the different musical instrument we could hear. We finished up the week performing musical pieces famous from the different UK countries, singing the national anthem, English country garden, Skye boat song, Molly Malone and the Welsh national anthem. We loved our English this week where we practised using the possessive apostrophe to write character descriptions. We described their appearance and personalities.
The year 2 team are very proud of how hard the children have worked on their special challenges over the last two weeks!

Have a lovely break, we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday June 5th.