Friday 29 January

Dates for your diary
1st February Downs Views got talent audition day (please bring in any props)
4 February
  • Mid-year reports to parents
  • Stanley Baker Studios in taking whole class photos
5th February Seahorse Assembly
9th February Parents consultations 3.30pm – 6pm
10th February Hedgehog parent consultation 3.30pm – 6pm (instead of Tuesday)
11th February  Parents consultations 5pm – 8pm
12th February
  • Polar Bear assembly
  • Non-school Uniform Day run by the Friends
  • Last day of term, children return to school Tuesday 23rd February
22nd February Staff training day
After School Club can provide childcare on this day (flyers have been sent home in book bags)
23rd February Children return to school
24th February 9.15-11.15 'Help your child succeed' programme for parents begins with Natasha. A letter was sent home on Wednesday with the details about this course. It runs for 6 weeks.
26th February Birthday assembly – 9.05-9.35 for February birthdays – parents/carers welcome


School Gates

Thank you everyone for ensuring their children are in school before the gates are shut at 8.50am. This has helped with the children’s learning as more children are settled in their class before lessons begin.

Mid- year report

Please look out for your child’s mid-year report in your child’s book bag on Wednesday.  This is the first time we have done this and feel that this will give you a very clear insight into your child’s achievement since September. Please return the slip attached to the report with any comments which you would like to make.  At your parent consultation meeting (dates above) you will be able to discuss the comments, assessments and your child’s targets.

Hand Sanitizer

We have noticed that some children are bringing hand gel into school in their book bags.  Unfortunately we have to request that this is NOT sent in to school as children are using this without supervision which could harm them and others, especially as other children may have allergies to these products.  Children are given plenty of opportunities to wash their hands throughout the day.

Puppies room

Unfortunately Puppies room is no longer available for parents to use as a waiting place after school.  This is because the After School Club run by Kent Play Clubs have increased the number of places they have to offer and use Puppies room on a regular basis. Sorry! This has given greater capacity for places so if you do need after school care please contact Kent Play Clubs on:  or 01233 713813.

Shining Stars this week

Class Star Table Bonus Card Attendance
Penguin Harry o

This is for the class
with the most bonus cards
which are given for good behaviour
at lunch time

Weekly attendance

Best Class attendance for the week


Polar Bear JonathanH
Snow Leopard James A
Sea Horse Elsie H
Star Fish Kary Mae V-M

Overall attendance for the year


Turtles Blake M
Foxes Sienna B-B
Hedgehogs Jessica D
Owls Tallulah B


Class Reading award Active award Sunshine award
Penguin Tilly Harry 0 & Seona  
Polar Bear Jack

Lucas-Joe & Yana

Tia P
Snow Leopard AJ

Aa & Aaron

Sea Horse Blerton

William & Hannah

Star Fish Cerys

Oscar & Amber

Turtles Ellis

Chloe R & Thomas

Tia W
Foxes Lilia

Thommie & Samuel

Hedgehogs Lilly

Mayzee & William

Owls Jazmin

Lily & Riley


What we’ve been up to…..

This week in EYFS we have been looking at the role of the paramedic. We were so lucky to have a visit from a real paramedic who bought in some equipment for us to try and even let us have a tour of the ambulance! During Literacy we wrote our own questions to ask him which he answered during his visit. In Maths we have been finding two numbers to make a given number (number bonds). We have really enjoyed role playing this week so look out for your children asking for bandages as it may be you that needs some paramedic care!

In year one this week the children have been looking at the book "Where the Wild Things Are". The children first studied different characters and decided if they were fantasy or from real life. The children then created their own fantasy character using role-play costumes and face paint.? In Maths this week the children have learnt how to add and subtract a 2 digit number with a 1 digit numbers. 

Year 2 Our Geography day this week was such an adventure! We explored perspective and helped Horrid Henry by creating a 3D map of the playground so that he could plan a mischievous trick. In English we have explored his stories and learnt what Horrid Henry’s personality is like. In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shape properties as well as lines of symmetry. In Computing this week we have been using the Aviary photography app, we have edited photos thinking carefully about cropping, zoom and background filters.

Healthy Lunch boxes/ sweets in school

We have noticed that some of the children are bringing more than one piece of chocolate type food in their packed lunch boxes. We know that all children enjoy a treat with their lunch but this should be limited. We are a healthy school so are teaching your child about the importance of eating a balanced diet with treats in moderation.

This also applies to celebrating Birthdays. Although a lovely thought, please do not send in sweets or cake when it is your child’s birthday.  We will not be able to give these out in school. If you really want to buy something as a celebration, then a book for the class would be much better. Thank you.

Class Photographs

Stanley Baker Studios will be in school next Thursday (4th) to take photographs of the whole school in class groups.  We will send out the proofs once they become available and you can choose whether or not you would like to purchase a class group photo. 

Older siblings

We have noticed many secondary pupils from Towers hanging around on the playground after school.  I understand that some of them are meeting their parents to collect a younger sibling.  Please can these pupils be reminded that they are not to bring friends, play on the equipment or play football whilst waiting.  They should wait either outside of the gate or outside of their sibling’s classroom. Some parents have witnessed swearing and spitting from these pupils and when they have challenged them, have been verbally abused.  This behaviour will not be tolerated.  Mrs Collins and myself will be on the playgrounds most days to ensure that you and younger siblings can collect your child(ren) safely. If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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