8 February 2019

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Friday 15th ·      Birthday assembly

·      End of term 3

Monday 25th Staff training day – Children not in school
Tuesday 26th Children return to school
Thursday 28th Mid- year reports to parents
Friday 1st March 9.05am Snow Leopard class assembly
Monday 4th March Book week – range of activities to encourage children to enjoy reading
Thursday 7th ·      World Book Day – children can dress as their favourite book character or come in their pyjamas.  All children can bring their favourite book to school to enjoy with others.

·      3.20-6.00pm Parent Consultation meetings

Friday 8th 9.05am Turtle class assembly
Tuesday 12th 3.20-6.30pm Parent Consultation meetings
Friday 15th 9.05am Penguin class assembly
Friday 22nd 9.05am Starfish class assembly
25th -28th Book Fair
Friday 29th Birthday assembly
Final Training day 28th June 2019
Every Monday (term time only) Parent and Baby/Toddler group – Puppies room 1.15pm-2.45pm


Weekly school attendance Days missed across the school this week Best class attendance for the week Overall attendance for the year
90.77% 119.5 Polar Bear



  Reading award Star of the week Active Award Star Table  

Feet on Friday


Penguin Joshua Daisy  






Polar Bear Arthur Charley  

Amelia R








Snow Leopard Daisy N Tristan  


Scarlett E








Dolphin Maddi Lily-Grace  









 Star Fish Bertie Lilly  









Turtle Amaya Isla  








Fox Kyra Toby  









Squirrel Georgina Ethan  









Owl Meadow Indya  

Jessica H








Bonus Coin Winner of the Week – Turtle
Punctuality Pup – Turtle

What we have been learning………


This week in EYFS we have been using our senses to create our own riddles. We were given an object that we had to describe using our adjectives through the senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and look. The adjectives that we used were used to compile a riddle. Here is one of the children’s. Can you guess what it is?

It looks red

It smells like strawberry

It tastes sweet

It feels spongy

It sounds a little squeaky

What am I?

I am jelly!


All of the children’s riddles have been sent off for a riddle competition to try and raise money for the school so fingers crossed!

In Maths we have been using the vocabulary full, empty, half full, half empty, nearly full and nearly empty to describe the capacity of different containers. We even worked out which containers held the most amount of liquid and which held the least.

We have also been very creative and during our ID we have had the opportunity to create lanterns, dragons, Chinese fans and writing to help join in with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

​A really fun and exciting week had by all!

Year 1

In Year 1 this week we have been reading and retelling the story of “Where’s my Teddy”. We generated lots of good adjectives to describe the characters in the story. We then tried our best to choose some great ones to use in our story writing. In Maths we have been learning how to subtract larger numbers through 10. We have used various methods such as number lines, 10’s frames and ‘part-part-whole’models to help us in our learning. Next we are looking forward to exploring shapes and their properties, perhaps the children would like to draw a shape picture for us to share with the class next week? In computing this week we have been practising using remote devices. We have had to input different controls in order to move the device around a mat. In RE we have looked at a Bible story and linked this to our learning of belonging. We discussed how Christians use the bible stories to help them learn lessons in life.

Year 2

 This week Year 2 have been learning about the true story of ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’, a giraffe that was taken from the plains of Africa as a present for the King of France in 1827. The children debated on whether it was right for the giraffe to be taken from its home or not with the majority saying no! They also investigated how to write speech in English whilst thinking about what the people in France would have said when they saw a giraffe walking through the streets of Paris. In Maths the children have continued to investigate shapes and their properties, focussing on 3D shapes this week. They applied their knowledge whilst completing problems that have required the children to think about the properties 3D shapes have.


Safer Internet – Parent Workshop

Thank you to all parents/carers who attended our Safer Internet workshop this week. We hope the session was useful. If you were unable to attend, please look out for a parent mail with a guide to support keeping your children safe on the internet.  There are other useful websites such as: Parent and carers safer internet pack


Year 2 Infant Agility Competition – February 2019 

Some year 2 children attended a sports activity competition at the Towers School. The children were all amazing, trying their best and a real credit to the school. They took part in a variety of activities including standing long jump, speed bounce, foam javelin, jumper, thrower and bowler. Two children were commended for their ability shown within some of the activities. These were Harrison from Snow Leopards who threw the javelin past the distance measurer and Luke from Penguins who managed to hit the cricket stumps with all of his 6 attempts. Thank you to Miss Thorogood and Miss Brown for taking the children and for the parents who were there to support.






As part of National Storytelling Week (26thJanuary-2ndFebruary 2019) the children enjoyed an afternoon of stories by professional storyteller Roisin Murray organised by housebuilder Barratt Homes. The children had a great time. Storytelling awakens children’s imaginations and it was an incredible experience for them.


Head Lice

Head lice and nits are very common in young children. They don’t have anything to do with dirty hair, and are usually picked up by head-to-head contact. For further information on head lice please see your pharmacist or visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/head-lice.

There have recently been a couple of cases of head lice identified in school. While lice are nothing more than a nuisance, it is important that children are checked regularly and at least on a weekly basis so that any head lice can be dealt with quickly and before they can be allowed to spread.

If you find your child has head lice you will also need to examine the heads of all other members of the household.  If head lice are found they should also be treated at the same time.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Adverse weather arrangements

 We will continue to do everything we can to keep the school open. In the event of snow, we will make a decision whether to close the school. We have not closed for a number of years but it does depend on whether enough staff are able to come in. Please presume we are open.

If we are going to close we will let you know by:

The Kent County Council website:https://kentclosures.co.uk.There are two Downs View schools in Kent, so please make sure you search Downs View Infant School.

Our school website will be updated, Parent mail message and we will post on Facebook. A decision will be made as early as possible.  This will inform you of the arrangements for that day. Please avoid calling the school, to keep lines free for important calls.  Please ensure you send your child in in warm clothes and you supply spare clothes in case the children go out and play.  Breakfast club may open late at 8.15am to allow for staff to come in safely. Please check this in the morning.

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