Extended Schools and Clubs

We have full Extended School Status

We have Before and After School Care Clubs

*  Breakfast Club from 7.45am
*  ‘8.20 Club’ in Puppies Room from 8.20am
*  After School Club run by Kent Play Clubs in partnership with Kennington Academy.

These clubs operate on both sites and run from 3pm -6pm at Downs View and 3.10pm -6pm at Kennington.

Contact Kent Play Clubs on – 01233 713813


Club Timetables

Our aim is to ensure that every child attends at least one club per year, if they want to.  To make it fair, we will give every child a letter about every club applicable to his/her year group and if necessary pull names out of a hat if we are oversubscribed.

If you have an idea for a club or know somebody who would be interested in running one, please let us know! We are always looking for new opportunities!

All outside leaders of clubs have to have a clear DBS check and Public Liability Insurance to be able to lead a club at Downs View.



Gym Club



Woodland Craft Club



Gifted and Talented Enrichment Days

We have developed the capacity to provide Enrichment Days not only for our children but those from other schools too. This year we have delivered enrichment days for Gifted and Talented our children inviting children from other schools to come and join us. There has been an Art day and a Maths Day. We enjoyed visitors from Beaver Green, Ashford Oaks, Godinton and St Mary’s.

Downs View’s Got Talent Day

Downs View’s got talent days happen once per year and give opportunity for children to share their amazing talents!

Lily and her amazing cheerleading routine

Hannah’s beautiful violin solo

Jessie –Lee’s super hula hooping, exceeding 100 hulas!

Lakisha and Takunda’s Twinkle, twinkle little star performance.

Daisy’s astounding magic tricks

Ariana’s terrific cheerleading routine

Yasemin’s fantastic poem which she wrote and performed herself.


Christmas poetry Enrichment Day

We held a Christmas Poetry Enrichment Day for some year R and 1 children from all over Ashford at Downs View Infant School.

Last year this was led by Mrs Jo Hunt and Mrs Anne Troman the day was a chance for children to develop their already fantastic literacy skills and work in teams to create descriptive poems.

They enjoyed using all their senses to explore the Christmas environment and they generated lots of adjectives to describe the things they saw, smelt, tasted, heard and felt.

For example, the snow was FREEZING, the lights were TWINKLY and the brussel sprouts were STINKY!

One of the highlights of our day was a special visit from Mrs Claus who had been baking lots of tasty treats for us to try. We really enjoyed the warm mince pies. By the end of the day the children had written and performed some truly wonderful poems, some of which you can read below…


Christmas Food

Sugary, fruity mince pies

Melting, sticky chocolate

Round, green sprouts

Squishy, crumbly, yummy!


Floppy, red hat

Fluffy, soft beard

Tight, black belt

Jolly, kind, happy

Christmas Tree

Round, sparkling bauble

Tickly, spiky tinsel

Flashing, twinkling lights

Green, tall, beautiful