Friday 25th September

Dates for your diary – a full list can be seen on our website
29th September Tuesday Newsday 3-4pm in your child’s classroom
5th October

Harvest assembly at the Church

9th October Starfish assembly
16th October Seahorse assembly
20th October Friends Halloween Trail for children and parents 4.30pm – 5.30pm
21st October
  • Flu Nasal vaccination for Year 1 & 2 (letters of consent to follow)
  • Parent Consultation afternoon 3.30pm – 6pm (letter to follow)
22nd October Parent Consultation evening 5pm – 8pm (letter to follow)
Friday 23rd October
  • Birthday assembly- for all children with a Birthday in October – parents invited.
  • Last day of term
Tuesday 3rd November Children return to school
6th November Snow Leopard assembly
11th November Stanley Baker Studios to take individual children’s photographs
Dates for birthday/class assemblies during November will be on later newsletters

Shining Stars this week


Class Star Table Bonus Card Attendance
Penguin Cameron S

This is for the class
with the most bonus cards
which are given for good behaviour
at lunch time

Weekly attendance

Polar Bear Jack K
Snow Leopard Abisah K-L
Sea Horse Suphera P
Star Fish Amber K Overall attendance for the year
Turtles George G
Foxes Carson P
Hedgehogs Tallulah
Owls Skye


Class Reading award Active award Sunshine award
Penguin Oliver Jiayi & Aidan  
Polar Bear Ryleigh

Max & Tilly

Snow Leopard Tiger Lily

Aiden & Lucus

Sea Horse Katie

Hannah & Gilead

Star Fish Archie

Gracie & Isaac

Ellie C?
Turtles Harry

Tia & Ethan

Foxes Sophie

Lilia & Daniel

Hedgehogs Tallulah

Russell & William

Owls Skye

Tristan & Lacey


Parent Consultations

We have arranged 2 dates for parent consultations which are 21st & 22nd October.  We will send out letters shortly giving details of the time slots available and how you can book them.

Tuesday Newsday

This is an opportunity for parents to come in to class with their child after school from 3pm – 4pm.  Your child can show you their work and you can share their achievements.

What we’ve been up to……

In EYFS this week we have being reading the story Titch. It has encouraged us to talk about our families. During circle time we learnt who people are in our friend’s families and the names of our friends brothers and sisters! We have also been learning a variety of different number rhymes. Our favourites were 5 Little Ducks and 1 Little Indian.


We are all becoming more familiar with the school rules and routine too!

A little request!

Please encourage your child to put their own coat and shoes on everyday as this will really help them when at school.

This week in Year One the children have been representing numbers using objects and drawings. The children have been working in pairs with numbers up to 20. In English this week the children have been learning about different settings. They have described the objects that they would find in ‘The Little Mermaid’ using adjectives. 

Year 2 this week we have become experts at what we need to be healthy. During our Science day we explored the necessities for living healthy including diet, hygiene and exercise. We have learnt about the different food groups including carbohydrates and protein. We completed Mrs Kent's challenge of designing our own healthy dinner plates which we have displayed for everybody to see. In English we have been learning about instructions and why they are important. We even went on an instruction treasure hunt to identify different types around the school.

Flu Nasal vaccination for Year 1 & 2

The school nurse team will be coming to school on 21st October as all children in England are being offered the flu vaccination in the form of a nasal spray.  Letters requesting permission for your child to have this vaccination will be distributed shortly.

Open Days

We will be holding a number of open days for parents of children due to start school in September 2016. If you know of anyone with a child who is due to start school please direct them to our school website were all the dates are displayed.  A time slot for visiting the school can be booked by contacting the school office.

School Clubs

We are in the process of compiling a clubs list for the whole school year which may be subject to change (to be sent out at a later date).  We are sorry for any misunderstanding about the allocation of places in clubs but we try to ensure that all children have the opportunity to attend at least one club.  In the future, to make it fair, club letters will be sent home to ALL children and names will be pulled out of a hat.

Kent Autistic Trust

Did you know there is an Ashford Autistic/Asperger Syndrome Support group for parents and carers of children and young people and they get together alternate month Wednesdays (next meeting dates 18th November, 20th January and 14th March).  They meet at the KAT Resource Centre, Bentley Road, Willesborough between 9.30am and 11.30am.  This is an opportunity for parents and carers to talk and listen to others with similar experiences, to exchange ideas and information and discuss concerns. If you would like further information please call Jo Blamieres on 01634 405168 or email