PE and Sports

2014 – 2015

Year 2 Multi-skills tournament June 2015

Well done to the Year 2 athletes who took part in the Ashford schools Multi-Skills tournament at the Towers on Thursday 4th June. It was a glorious afternoon and the children took part in lots of different sporting events such as speed bounce, javelin throwing, speed cup stacking and relay racing. We came 7th out of 15 different Ashford schools and had a fantastic time.

Lucie (whales), Brandon (polar bears), Fabio (penguins), Finley (polar bears), George (polar bears), Krystal (polar bears), Carmel (polar bears), Freya (polar bears), Jazmin (whales),Charles (whales)



Skipping workshop April 2015

We had a fantastic time learning new skipping skills and games when Liz Cox from ‘Skipping Workshops’ came to our school on 30th April 2015.

All of the Year 1 and Year 2 classes had a special skipping lesson and at the end of the day we got to show the whole school what we had learnt. It was brilliant and everyone cheered when we did lots of skips without stopping. We can practise our skipping at lunchtimes and playtimes now as our Midday supervisors learnt new games to play with us.

We learnt to skip on our own, with a partner and even long rope games but the best skipping was learning Double Dutch skipping using two ropes together!  We all agreed it was a great day.



Year 2 Rapid Fire Cricket Tournament

Well done to the Year 2 athletes  who took part in the ‘Rapid Fire’ cricket tournament at the Stour Centre on Thursday 12th March. They  were up against 7 other Ashford schools and did an amazing job at both batting and fielding. Our top scorer was Penny who scored 11 runs in one match. In all they won 2 matches from a total of 7 games and we all had a fantastic day. They showed exceptional team spirit and sportsman like behaviour.

Brandon, Penny, Lathan, Charlie, Mia, Mathew, Kieron, Treshan.









We love Yoga at Downs View!

Mrs.Wright, our yoga teacher takes us on adventures into the jungle or under the sea. We learn how to hold our body shapes still and it takes lots of control and balance. We can make the turtle, the crab, the surfer and many other fantastic body shapes. We can also stretch and move our bodies like a rowing boat or a travelling jeep.







Ashford Schools Infant Agility Tournament December 2014

Well done to the Year 2 children who took part in the Ashford schools Infant Agility Tournament at the North school on Monday 8th December 2014. The children worked well as a team and completed 10 different activities together including Speed Bounce, Shuttle Runs, Ball Balancing, Standing Long Jump and Throwing into a target.

Kieran, Kerry, Brandon, Thomas, Max, Serena, Jared, Marnie and Mrs.Somerville.








Yearly Inter-Intra Schools Challenges 2014/15

Standing Long Jump challenge

Well done to the year 1 and year 2 children who all took part in the inter-intra challenge this term which was the standing long jump.  The results will be sent off to the Ashford Sports hub.  Any overall winners will be notified in the Spring. The winners were:

Year OneYear Two, All of the Children below came first with 1.37m
1st Jayden (Turtles) 1.32m

Brandon (Penguins), Alexa (Whales)

2nd Aidan  (Dolphin) 1.27m

Jared (Whales), Marnie (Whales)

3rd Jack  (Seahorse) 1.22m

Mathew (Polar Bears)



Speed Bounce

Well done to all of the Year 1 and Year 2 children who took part in this terms ‘speed bounce’ physical challenge. The children had to speed bounce side to side and jump as many times as they could in 20 seconds. Below are the results from each year group.

Year OneYear Two
1st Jayden (Turtles) 27 jumps1st Violet (Penguins)  39 jumps
2nd Harry (Dolphins) and Jasmine (Dolphins) 24 jumps2nd Marnie (Whales)  38 jumps
3rd Lucas (Seahorses) and Ava (Turtles) 22 jumps.3rd Brandon (Whales)  37 jumps.