PE and Sports: 2017 – 2018

Multi-Sports Festival – November 2017

Some year 2 children participated in the multi-sports festival at Towers school. They had to compete against 17 other schools from Ashford in the javelin, cricket, tennis, beanbag throwing, long jump and football.

All the children worked really hard and tried their best. Overall Downs View came 9th!  Everyone had so much fun and the children were really proud of themselves.

The children that took part were Ayiri, William, Lexie, James, Daniel and Felicity.

Well done team!

Boogie Bounce Workshops

All of the children at Downs View were lucky enough to have a workshop with Claire from Boogie Bounce who taught us how to jump and boogie at the same time. Each of us had our own mini trampoline where we bounced and danced to some catchy songs. We worked every part of our body and were exhausted by the end but we had so much fun! Take a look at us in action.

Claire is starting Boogie Bounce classes for families after Christmas. Contact her on for more information.


Year 2 PE – Term 1

Year 2’s topic for Term 1 was ‘It’s Good to be Me’ so in PE we got creative and choreographed our own fitness routine to keep us healthy. We performed it to the song ‘I like to move it move it’ from Madagascar which was very exciting.

We made sure the routines got our hearts racing.

We know that when we exercise oxygen is pumped quickly around the body by our heart.

We tried to use lots of different parts of our body.

We even came up with a starting pose!

We included some slow movements in our routines so that our bodies could cool down and stretch.

We worked really well as a team and had so much fun!