School Council

The School Council are a group of children who act as representatives for their classes working with staff to make the school an even better place to be!

In the past year they have;

  • *Come up with fundraising ideas and run charity stalls

  • *Chosen and ordered resources that the children like to play with at playtimes

  • *Come up with ideas for new clubs

Over the past couple of weeks they have been thinking about how they would like an area of school improved.  They decided that they would like a noticeboard in the Woodland Walk, where the children could put up the rules of the Woodland Walk, but also show what they are learning about!  They have chosen a noticeboard from a catalogue, and Mrs Button and Mrs Kent will be looking into their suggestion!



The School Council importantly support the school’s ‘Walk to School on Wednesday’ campaign. They ordered a scooter rack for children who scoot to school to keep their scooters safe in. They monitor how well it is being used.


This is why they think it is important:

Community Cohesion

As part of our Community Cohesion project we are now good friends with Sandhurst Infant and Nursery school in Catford near Lewisham.

Our School Council spent the day at Sandhurst making new friends and really enjoying the experience of visiting another school.

‘Sandhurst has an upstairs and our school is like a bungalow’!

In October children from Sandhurst Infant school came to visit us for the day. We found out that our schools are similar in lots of ways but very different in others.

Click below to view the powerpoint we gave to Sandhurst to tell them about our school.  

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