School Uniform



The girl is in her summer uniform and the boy is in his winter uniform.
We hope you like the drawings!

What do we wear at school?


White polo shirts

Grey dresses, trousers or skirts in winter

Red jumper or cardigan – these can be plain or with the school logo

Tights – red, white, grey or black

Red and white checked dresses or skirts in summer

Black sensible shoes in winter and summer

A coat which fastens suitable for the climate.


White polo shirts and grey trousers in winter

White polo shirts and grey shorts in the summer

Black sensible shoes for both winter and summer

A coat which fastens and is suitable for the climate.


White t-shirt- plain or with a logo

Navy blue shorts


Outdoor learning

All children need a pair of wellies in school everyday to enjoy  outside learning. These can be any colour or design! Hats, scarves and gloves should be provided during the winter.

All uniform needs to be named.

Ordering Uniform

School uniform can be ordered through our uniform supplier Kent School Uniform soon. Meanwhile the school has a select range of school uniform available in the school office.

You will be able to order uniform by going to

Then clicking on ‘Choose your school’ and selecting Downs View.