Sports Premium Funding 2017/18

In 2013, the government introduced additional funding for primary schools for the provision of PE and sport activities. Each academic year we receive this funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that we offer to pupils – to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.   Enhance knowledge of PE curriculum and sports premium funding for PE leader.PE leader to attend PE conference.£50    Receive training and modelled teaching to enhance the delivery of PE lessons.CPD for all staff either during lessons as team-teach or as staff meetings.£2,000

Academic Year: 2017/2018Total fund allocated: Projected: £18,700
PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome IndicatorSchool Focus/ planned Impact on pupilsActions to AchievePlanned FundingActual FundingEvidenceActual Impact (following Review) on pupilsSustainability/Next Steps
1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- kick starting healthy active lifestyles.Improve amount of regular activity children take part in.Subscribe to ‘5-a-day’ dance website£203£240Staff are confident in using the subscription.Children have active breaks between lessons and learn dances in warm ups for PE.Staff have learnt new dance routines.  Continue subscription next year.
All year 2 children to have attended a physical club by the end of the year.Provide and subsidise the cost of active clubs for Year 1 and 2.£2000£200097% of year 2 children have taken part in an active club.Children have been provided with a variety of different clubs.Children have joined tennis clubs etc. as a result.  Clubs to continue next year.
Regular opportunities for extra-curricular activities.Employ a sports coach two lunch times a week to take groups of children and engage them in physical activity.£1000£1,212New equipment has been used on the playground including juggling.  Sports coach has led a variety of different activities for children at lunch times.Children’s well-being is high when attending the club.  They are taught new skills and are active for a sustained period.Midday supervisors are now aware of new games that have been taught by the lunch time clubs.
 Enhance physical activity during play and lunch times. Employ a forest school leader 2 lunch times a week to take groups of children and engage them in physical activity.£2,560£2,240Children attended forest school during lunch time.Increased well being of the children and provided them with active opportunities.Provided key workers with knowledge in this area.
 School subscription to music provider £100£88Music is used throughout lunch times.  Children can request songs.Children make up dance routines and are active for sustained periods because of the music.Continue subscription next year.
 Purchase a new music system to be used on the playground. £150£150Music box is used daily on playground.Children take part in wake and shake where they are active.Music box can continue to be used. No future cost.
 The purchasing of specialist climbing equipment for the EYFS outdoor area. £3,500£2,423.75A new climbing structure has been installed in EYFS outdoor area.Children use the structure regularly and it is improving gross motor and strength.Climbing structure can be used in future years.  No future cost.
2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.Sustained resources to develop the delivery of PE lessons further for the future.Audit and purchase enhanced PE equipment to be used in PE lessons and during playtimes to improve PE across the board.  £50£200New equipment was ordered for sports day and equipment for use by midday supervisors at lunch times.Children enjoy using the equipment and learning a variety of skills such as juggling.  Encourages children to be active.Equipment can continue to be used with no future cost.
Enhance the teaching and learning within PE and extra-curricular opportunities.4 days release time for PE leader to plan and assess points on the PE action plan for the year.£400£400This time has allowed PE leader to audit staff knowledge and monitor teaching and learning.Quality of the learning of the children has increased.PE leader can build upon existing assessments and monitoring to continue whole school improvement in PE.
 3. Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sportReceive support from Ashford schools to enhance delivery of PE lessons to enhance on pupil progress.School subscription to the Enhanced School Games package within Ashford schools. £550£300Attended competitions and tournaments.G&T children provided with opportunities.Could possibly organise tournaments as a school.
Enhance knowledge of PE curriculum and sports premium funding for PE leader.PE leader to attend PE conference.£50£50PE leader attended PE conference.PE leader able to pass information onto other teachers to enhance teaching and learning of PE within school.Provided with knowledge and ideas to use next year.
Receive training and modelled teaching to enhance the delivery of PE lessons.CPD for all staff either during lessons as team-teach or as staff meetings.£2,000£424Two twilight sessions held for staff and team teach for 3 teachers two terms.Staff confident in assessing children and planning for the needs of our pupils.Staff can pass knowledge onto any future employees of the school and implement their knowledge when planning and teaching.
4. Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.Children to experience a range of activities.Boogie Bounce workshops. 1 and half days.£300£290Boogie Bounce workshops attended by all children in the school.Children had high well-being throughout and were extremely active.Children inspired to join club with their parents to continue to be active outside of school.
Opportunity for outdoor active learning to promote team building, resilience and determination.Employ a forest school leader 2 lunch times a week.See above.    

Introduce Balance Ability to the children to improve the number of Year 1 and EYFS children that can ride a bike.

Cycle circle Initial Workshop for Year 1  and EYFS pupils.

Parent workshops on how they can help their child ride.

£900£2000All EYFS and year 1 pupils have taken part in a session.90% of all EYFS and Year 1 pupils can now ride a bike.Parents knowledge increased on how to help their children at home.  Less children need workshops next year.
Around the world dance workshop for year 2 pupils as part of transition week.Children to learn different dances from around the world.£300£300All of year 2 took part in a sessionChildren performed the dances to parents and learnt new skills.CPD for teachers on different dances to be used in future years.
5. Increased participation in competitive sport.School subscription to the Enhanced School Games package within Ashford schools.See above.     
Increase motivation to compete against their own targets and against others. Praised for sporting qualities.Trophies, medals and rewards£50£20Stickers and medals purchased and used during sports day.Children were competitive to compete for these.Stickers left over for next year.  Medals to be purchased again.

Completed by: Anna Thorogood Date: November 2017 Review Date:   01/07/2017