Welcome to EYFS

This year…

We have been learning to count out a different number of objects. We used a tens frame, our own representation through drawing and found the correct piece of Numicon (a maths resource) to represent the given number.

We have been learning about Community Heroes. One of the heroes who helps us in school is our school caretaker. We decided to help him by taking responsibility for fixing one of the broken bikes. We had to use good fine motor control to tighten the screws!

We have been using good fine motor control to use some of our school caretakers tools.

Welcome Letter

8 September 2017

Dear Parents

Welcome to Downs View!

I thought it would be useful to introduce myself and the Foundation Stage team. I have been teaching for eighteen years and have taught in both Foundation Stage and Year 1 during that time. I have been the Foundation Stage Team leader for the last 10 years. I have a daughter Olivia who is now nine and a son Benjamin who is now five. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and enjoy watching the progress that all the children make in their first year at school.


As you are aware there are three foundation classes;-


Owls – Teacher and Foundation Stage Team Leader – Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Roberts

Support Assistant: Mrs Popham


Squirrels – Teacher – Miss Cossey

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Lett


Foxes – Teacher – Miss Ball

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Andrews


Please feel free to approach us if you have any problems / queries or would just like a chat! I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for letting us undertake the recent home visits. I hope you found them as useful and informative as we did.


What can you do to help?

  • Encourage friendships outside of school i.e. invite a friend home to play
  • Talk about things that your child has enjoyed / disliked about their day, (Try to keep questions to a minimal at first – they will tell you when they are ready!)
  • Describe things, extending your child’s language when talking about things ( e.g – seeing a dog and saying look at the big, furry dog).
  • Encourage independence i.e. let them put their own shoes, clothes, coats on.
  • Share both school reading books and their own books
  • Make up their own stories
  • Share traditional fairy stories
  • Recite rhymes
  • Sound and word recognition (words will be stuck in the monkey reading diary weekly)
  • Count objects at home / on the way to school i.e. how many red cars can they see
  • Sort objects according to colour / size / shape


I hope that this and the helping at home sheet have given you an insight into some of the things that we are up to. Come and ask if you are unsure of anything and please try and find time to attend the workshops, parents evenings and informal class visits that we will be providing throughout the year to show you how you can help further.  Our first workshop is for phonics and is on Monday 2nd October and Wednesday 4th October at 2.30pm, learning with  your child in his/her classroom.



Thank you

Claire Smith (Foundation Stage Team Leader) and the Foundation Stage team.