What We Have Been Up To


“We need to melt the butter before we put it in the flour to make a cake!”
“Look how I strong I am and I can balance!”
“This is hard work. I am digging down to the bottom to find treasure!”
“I need to pour it slowly and carefully. I think it may go down into the blue bucket!”
“I have checked it is safe and now I need to balance carefully across the sea so the sharks don’t get me!”
“You have to start at instruction1 not 4 or it’ll go the wrong way”
“I’m making silly soup with mud. Mud begins with m.”
“The dice is the odd one out and it’s 5 the others are 4”
“I don’t need to pedal and I’m still moving.”
“Why do you think that is?”
“I’m going downhill and it’s pulling me.”
“We are clicking castanets c, c, c.”


Royal Wedding Celebrations

We celebrated the royal wedding by dressing in red, white and blue and by having a whole school picnic on the field.  It was a great day enjoyed by all as well as raising some extra funds for each class.

Thank you for your kind donations   Your kind donations raised the following amounts which will be used for resources for your child’s year group.

Year R = £106.15

Year 1 = £102.65

Year 2 = 82.60


We also held a raffle and the winners of the raffle, each receiving some cakes were

Reception: Kacie-Marie,

Year 1 Noah S,

Year 2 Daniel and the winner of the large cake

Ella (year 1).

A huge thank you to Megan our cook and her assistant Jackie who kindly baked these for the children.

Environmental Art Workshop

Year 2 children enjoyed a fantastic environmental  art Workshop with Mrs Hodge printing with a range of environmental resources.
Here are some examples of their amazing art work…..