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Governor Register of Interests

Name Term of Office Type of Governor Governor Interests and Responsibilities Business/Pecuniary Interests of Governor and/or Partner/Spouse (Date of Declaration)

Diane Turner




Local Authority

Chair of Governors/Joint Pupil Premium/Catch-up Lead None declared (08.10.20)

Michelle Krawczyk

24.01.21-23.01.25 Co-opted Vice Chair/Training Lead None declared (05.10.20)

Christine Ozdemir

25.10.19-24.10.22 Co-opted Joint Health & Safety Lead None declared (07.10.20)
Nicola Petri 30.12.20-29.12.24 Co-opted Joint Safeguarding Lead Goldwyn School Governor (01.10.20)
Jennifer White 26.10.19-25.10.23 Co-opted Joint Safeguarding/Special Needs Lead None declared (04.02.21)
Peter Standen 10.10.19-9.10.22 Co-opted Joint Health & Safety Lead None Declared (02.12.20)
Alexandra Lotinga 26.06.19 Parent Finance Lead Chubb Insurance shareholder (08.10.20)
Nicola Webber 03.12.20-02.12.23 Parent Joint Special Needs Lead None Declared (25.01.21)
Tracy Kent 27.01.14- Head-teacher None Declared (22.01.21)
Kay Hunt 02.11.20-01.11.24 Staff Joint Pupil Premium/Catch-up Lead None Declared (24.01.21)
Anke Pereboom 13.05.21-12.05.24 Parent

Under review

Former governors (in the last 12 months)

F Moore LA Governor – Stepped down December 2020
R Rowe Parent Governor – Stepped down December 2020
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