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Art Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop art appreciation, visual awareness and creative self-expression through the teaching of basic art and design techniques in a fun and inspirational way.


  • To ensure that the school is equipped with quality, child friendly products for the children to explore and immerse themselves.
  • To ensure that Art and Design is used to aid general concentration and memory, boost creativity, promote good mental health and reduce anxiety amongst children.
  • To provide creative opportunities and experiences for children to be involved in and practice art in different ways.
  • To foster a life-long love of Art in our children through early educational opportunities and prepare gifted children to become exceptional artists.


  • To introduce a new Artist each term to enthuse and inspire children to explore art in new and exciting ways using a range of media.
  • Provision of high quality CPD resulting in all teachers having the knowledge and skills to plan and deliver a creative and inspiring art curriculum.
  • Regular whole school art projects centered around our school values to build upon our sense of community and aid well-being.
  • Focused art clubs to enable children to experiment with technique, develop skills and promote accelerated progress.
  • Opportunities to produce art outdoors and in different environments provide children with new and exciting experiences.
  • Vocabulary/ terminology cards are used throughout the school, so that children can discuss and reflect upon their art work and that of others.


  • The children have a love, appreciation and diverse knowledge of art, including techniques and artists.
  • Children develop new skills, encounter new experiences and explore a wide variety of techniques.
  • Children gain a greater knowledge of artistic vocabulary and can discuss their own artwork and that of their peers and famous artists.
  • Teachers are confident in delivering exciting, innovative lessons.
  • All children will achieve their best in Art
  • Art enables a true community spirit and develops the children's cultural capital, enabling them to be educated citizens of the future  .

Sequence of Learning 

Art Policy 

 The Termly Artist 3 Year plan



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