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Downs View Infant School


Computing Vision Statement

Our aim is to provide a happy, caring and secure learning environment in which children can develop the confidence and skills to reach their full potential and become responsible, fulfilled and caring members of society in an ever-changing world. The use of computers will help us to achieve this.  

The aims of computing at Downs View Infant School are for every child to: 

  • be given a challenging, enjoyable, bespoke curriculum which ensures the children are provided with the skills to enable them to make effective use of computing in an ever-changing world.  
  • ensure children are confident and competent users of technology in a safe and responsible way. 
  • develop and extend children’s computational skills, understanding and knowledge with reference to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum guidelines. 
  • enable teachers to teach more efficiently and effectively. 
  • to respond to new developments in technology. 

School Values (Linked to School Plan)

Love – Foster a life-long love for learning of which computing is embedded within. 

Learn – To ensure personalised learning, with real life experiences within computing enabling children to reach their full potential. 

Respect – Children to show respect for the technology within the school and for their own and other’s online safety (see online safety policy). 

Fun – Children to engage in fun and innovative lessons that are personalised to the children to ensure all children’s needs are met. 

Computing Long Term Vision – Intent, Implementation, Impact 


That all children and staff within the school will be confident and competent user of technology and see its purpose and various uses within all areas of life. This will be achieved through following the Rising Stars scheme of work which is a well sequenced and progressive scheme. 


  • An innovative, cumulative and personalised recovery curriculum will provide experiences and develop character and talent within computing.  
  • Opportunities to draw links between subjects will be available during discreet computing lessons and within ID time (for example links made to history using technological artefacts) so that computing is embedded within the curriculum across the school. 
  • The bank of computing resources within the school will be expanded with the support of the school’s Parent and Teacher Association (Friends of Downs View) and grants will be applied for. 
  • CPD provided where a need is identified. 


That all children will have the opportunity to make expected or greater than expected progress within computing, from their baseline set in term 1 of each year enabling children to foster a life-long love for learning of which computing is embedded within. This will be seen through differentiated lessons so that all children are able to demonstrate the skills they have been taught and talk confidently about their learning. 

Computing Policy 

EYFS Sequence of Learning 

 Year 1 Computing Sequence of Learning 

Year 2 Computing Sequence of Learning  



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