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Downs View Infant School


The School’s creative, exciting and enquiry based curriculum develops children’s curiosity, a love of learning in preparation for their future.

Intent of Curriculum

Our unique inclusive curriculum which is ever-evolving around the current school profile provides opportunities for all children to develop the essential knowledge and skills which as the foundations for life.

It is cumulative and is clearly sequenced to ensure progression from starting points through each year. This curriculum provides equality for all; high expectations of all groups aim to diminish any significant differences. All leaders will seek out relevant and meaningful opportunities to ensure that the planning and teaching equips children with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to thrive as citizens within the locality and beyond.


  • Needs driven CPD for teachers and teaching assistants which utilises leaders’ expertise and knowledge as well as external providers, is focused to ensure that teaching staff are best equipped to teach the planned curriculum and provide challenge for all learners, drawing on their own experiences.
  • Highly trained and skilled Teaching Assistants are deployed effectively to maximise progress and raise attainment for all pupils, with particular focus on key groups within each year group.
  • High expectations of all children enable children to excel from their starting points, whilst contributing to their high levels of well-being and behaviour.
  • Precision planning for specific cohorts ensure that children master concepts at an appropriate pace in order to embed and maintain knowledge and skills.
  • Child initiated learning is fundamental part of the curriculum where children are provided with real-life experiences to consolidate and extend knowledge and skills in a creative way. This is bespoke to each cohort with a strong focus on the whole child , focusing on real life, meaningful experiences means that children are engaged with learning and demonstrate good learning behaviours.
  • Individualised specialist support is provided for practitioners to ensure that the provision on offer for pupils with SEND ensures the best outcomes for pupils and is targeted to individual needs to accelerate progress
  • Assessment for learning is at the root of the curriculum design, enabling children to extend knowledge and skills in all subjects
  • Rigorous monitoring of pupil progress is used to ensure that provision is fluid and adapted to diminish difference and raise attainment for key groups and individuals.
  • Pupils are encouraged to develop a growth mind-set and understand that they have to work hard to achieve.
  • A whole school approach to oral feedback and marking is used effectively to enable pupils to improve their knowledge, understanding and skills. Pupils self-correct their work and can explain to others their strengths and next steps.
  • The mastery approach is embedded in Maths across the school to ensure there is no ceiling for all learners. This philosophy underpins the teaching and learning in all subjects.



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This curriculum provides opportunities for progress in pastoral as well as academic skills which will equip children to excel within their next stage of education with high levels of self-esteem and resilience.

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