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Downs View Infant School

School Priorities

1 Leadership & Management

*To strengthen the governors’ strategic knowledge and monitoring of the school’s priorities to positively impact on the outstanding leadership of the school.

*To increase the impact of the governor’s role in monitoring and aiding improvement within the school  


*For all leaders to use action research to strengthen innovative approaches for teaching and learning


*To strengthen subject leadership to :

·         ensure that the revised curriculum is taught effectively, resulting in pupils  working fluently, building their knowledge and applying  that knowledge as skills

·         monitor assessment systems to prevent gaps in pupil knowledge occurring and rapidly  improve pupil outcomes

·         ensure a consistent progression of knowledge and skills from EYFS- end of KS2 through strengthening partnership with Kennington Academy.


*For Co-headteachers, with support from Business Manager to maintain a sustainable budget against all school priorities. 

2. Quality of Education

*To strengthen the children’s mathematical knowledge to develop fluency skills and their ability to record their mathematical understanding.


* To ensure all children are confident when reading and spelling across the curriculum.


*To strengthen effective practices to improve pupil outcomes in writing


*Diminishing the difference for disadvantaged pupils and boys at end of each year in reading and writing  to improve pupil outcomes


*To maintain a whole school approach to oracy within all subjects.


*To strengthen the use of outdoor learning environment to enhance opportunities for learning in KS1

3. Behaviour and Attitudes

*Ensure that attendance is  outstanding (97%+) for ALL children


*To sustain a consistent whole school approach to mental health and well-being for all stakeholders

4. Personal Development

*To strengthen the experiences provided for children to develop their interests and talents, including extra-curricular activities for future success.


*To ensure that the revised curriculum fosters the necessary life skills in preparation for children to thrive and succeed in their future.


*To provide an additional personalised nurture style environment for pupils with a high level of need


*To ensure that pupils who become in below and well below typical make accelerated progress by end of EYFS.


*Diminishing the difference for disadvantaged  (compared to others) in Reading, writing and Maths at end of the year (baseline pending)

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