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Downs View Infant School


Main goal: 'For every child to be a confident Mathematician'


At Downs View we are committed to developing a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject of Maths for our pupils.



  • Through the delivery of a  Maths curriculum which is innovative, cumulative and personalised in order to meet the needs of pupils .
  • Through the development of children’s fluency within mathematical concepts in order for children to recall and apply facts.
  • By fostering a love and confidence of Maths which allows children to reason mathematically.
  • By enabling children to have the tools to apply their knowledge and solve mathematical problems.
  • By allowing children the time to fully understand and explore concepts before rushing on to another concept.
  • Children are encouraged to physically represent mathematical concepts through objects and pictures. Through this they explore abstract ideas, numbers and symbols.
  • Mathematical concepts are explored in a variety of representations and problem-solving contexts to give pupils richer and deeper learning experiences.



  • Children enjoy Maths and can succeed in the next stage of their school life.
  • Children develop a secure foundation of knowledge in the key area of number and are able to apply this across other mathematical concepts.
  • Children develop a mastery of Maths rather than a short term ability to answer questions and follow procedures 
  • Children are able to represent a mathematical concept in multiple ways, using correct mathematical language to communicate related ideas and independently apply this knowledge to new learning



Maths Mastery Curriculum and Progression of Skills 

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