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Downs View Infant School

Term 1 and 2 highlights

In English we were inspired by Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. We explored our very own chocolate room in the classroom and discussed what sweets would be around us, using adjectives to describe them. Using the descriptive language we generated, we wrote a description of our very own chocolate room. We had to decide what the trees, flowers, grass, river and stepping stones were made out of. Following this we tasted various chocolate before designing our very own fantasy chocolate bar. We decided what the coating, filling and layers would be made of. We gave it a name and described what it would be like to eat. 

In PE we practised our throwing and catching skills. We practised sending and receiving balls using our hands and applied it into some team games. We used various size balls. 


In Design Technology we tasted breads from around the world before planning our own. We could choose an additional ingredient out of the choice of cheese, raisins, sundried tomatoes or olives. We then followed a recipe to make our bread. Once we had proven and cooked our bread rolls we tasted and evaluated the appearance, taste and texture. 



Within History we learnt about the Great Fire of London and the impact it had on modern history. It was great fun to find out about how everyday life was different in 1666. We discussed the key facts from the event and the devastation that it caused. We then learnt how houses are now built differently.


In Art we have discussed the styles of Lucien Rudeaux and Peter Thorpe. We explored various techniques of creating a space background and planets using chalk pastels, oil pastels and water colours. Using our new preferred medium we created space art work.


During our life skills sessions we have practised various self-care techniques. We discussed the importance of washing hands, practised how to tie shoe laces, do up zips and buttons and also how to brush our teeth. 



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