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Term 2 Highlights

English - Autumn Poetry

 In English this term we created Autumn poetry. To help us come up with our poems we immersed ourselves in Autumn by exploring different autumnal artefacts such as leaves, twigs, pumpkins, pine cones. We even tasted hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Art - Van Gogh Starry Night

 In Art this term we looked at the work of the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Specifically we looked at his painting Starry Night. We looked at the techniques and colours he used and then created our own versions of Starry Night using paint.

DT - Pop up cards with sliders

 In DT we made pop up cards that had a slider mechanism. We decided that we would make these into Christmas cards that showed Father Christmas popping in and out of a chimney.

History - Guy Fawkes

 In History this term we learnt all about why Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up The Houses of Parliament and King James I in 1605. We learnt that King James I wouldn't let people be Catholics, so Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby, plotted to blow up The Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately the plot was discovered and Guy Fawkes is remembered as a traitor.


 In PE this term we did gymnastics. We learnt how to balance on small and large body parts and travel in different ways.

Snow Day in the last week of term

 We all really enjoyed having the chance to play in the snow in the last week of term before the Christmas holidays. Even the teachers joined in.

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