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Downs View Infant School

Term 3 Highlights

DT - Wheeled Vehicles

In DT we created our own wheeled vehicles. We investigated axles and how they worked. Then designed and created our own vehicles using various boxes, thin straws for axles and attached them using axle holders.

English - Instruction Writing - Jam Sandwiches

 In English we learnt all about how to use bossy verbs in instruction writing. We decided we wanted to make jam sandwiches but needed to write our instructions first. We made sure we didn't miss out any steps as we knew if we did when we came to making our sandwiches it wouldn't work. We had great fun following our instructions and got to take our sandwiches home.

History - Toys

 In History we transformed into historians and investigated toys that our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents may have played with. We used what we had learnt last term in Science about materials, to help us classify the age of the different toys we looked at. It was fun to investigate old toys and try and discover what they did and how they worked.

PE - Dance - Toys

 In PE we created a toy themed dance. We created moves based on some of the characters from Toy Story, then in pairs danced in cannon copying each others moves. We then added to is with moves just like Pinocchio and then used some of the moves we saw in a clip of the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, when the puppet dances with no strings attached. We then added all these elements together to create a final piece.

English - Where's My Teddy?

In English we went to Forrest School to hear the story Where's My Teddy. It was lovely having the story read to us by Mrs Brown in a woodland setting, just like the one in the story. We then spent the week considering the emotions the main character Eddie experienced at different points in the story. This led to us creating two emotions monsters, a cold and prickly monster and a warm and cuddly monster. We created our own speech bubbles based on one of these monsters and what we thought they would say to Eddie whilst he was in the woods on his own looking for his teddy.

Science - Testing Materials

In Science the teddy bears wanted to go on a picnic, but they forgot to take their teapot. We looked at some teapots made of different materials and considered their properties. This led on to our experiment. We needed to investigate which material out of metal, cotton wool and chocolate would make a good teapot for the teddies. We made predictions based on what we know about the properties of materials, for example cotton wool was soft and absorbent, metal was hard and waterproof. We then tested the materials by pouring warm water on them. As predicted, the chocolate melted, the cotton wool became soggy and the metal didn't change. We made it a fair test by using the same temperature water on each material. Our prediction that metal would be best was proved correct.

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