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Downs View Infant School


Term 4 Highlights

In Personal Social and Emotional Development we have been learning how to care for our environment. We decided to become environmental warriors and went around the school picking up rubbish and tidying the corridors to make our school environment a better place!

We have enjoyed gymnastics this term in PE. We have been learning how to stretch and curl our bodies to make big and small shapes. We have also been learning how to balance and show stillness!

In Literacy we have looking at a variety of different animals and sharing some wonderful texts. So far, we have written questions and used a range of vocabulary to describe how they look, move and feel.

In Maths we have been looking at the composition of number. We have begun to use part-part wholes to show our understanding of how a number can be made up. We have also enjoyed exploring doubles using the symmetry of a butterfly to help us.

In Expressive Arts and Design we have been learning how to find the pulse and tempo of nursery rhymes and other pieces of music. We have been clapping, tapping and even playing the pulse on musical instruments. We are getting really good at identifying these instruments in pieces of music too!

In Understanding of the World we been thinking about Amazing Animals. We were very lucky to be able to look at some dinosaur evidence and talked about the term extinct. We have also spoken about other species which have become extinct and how we can look after the animals that roam our planet today.

In Religious Education we have been answering the question Where do we belong? We have had fun talking about the groups we belong to, reading special stories from the bible and finding out about how children are welcomed into the Christian and Muslim Faith.

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