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Downs View Infant School

Term 5 Highlights


This term in Literacy we have been learning to follow instructions to make bird feeders. The children have investigated which bird feeders the birds like best and observed which birds ate from them. The children also used time connectives and bossy verbs to recall instructions for others.


In Maths we had great fun collating a tally chart and then making a graph to show how many birds we could find whilst bird watching in the outdoor area.


In Personal Social and Emotional Development we have been exploring the different factors that are needed to support personal hygiene, health and well-being. After reading a story about keeping germs away we explored through a science experiment how quickly germs can be spread from one person to another and what we need to do to make sure germs stay away! As you can see lots of glitter was involved!


This term in Art we have been learning how to weave with different materials. We worked hard to remember the pattern of under and over and made some beautiful creations.


In PE we have been learning some new ball skills. We can now roll, bounce and throw a ball with confidence. We have been working hard to master the nest to chest model when catching too!


In Understanding of the World we have been looking at how things grow. We planted seeds and grass and talked about the things that would keep our plants healthy. We planted some outside and made scarecrows to protect the plants we have grown. We named the scarecrows and added them to the fence.


In Religious Education we have been answering the question ‘Which times are special and why?’ Throughout the term we have read stories, explored images and artefacts that belong to different religions and are special to different celebrations. We particularly enjoyed making our own mehndi patterns after learning about Diwali.

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