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Downs View Infant School

Term 5 Highlights 2023

In Personal Social and Emotional Development, we have been thinking about what we need in order to keep our bodies healthy. We became hygiene detectives by taking part in a science experiment using glitter to show how germs can be spread from one person to another if we don’t wash our hands properly. We also thought about appropriate clothing to wear for the different seasons.


In Physical Development we have been learning how to play tennis. We have learnt how to hold the racket in a hand shake grip and make sure that we always have our eye on the ball. Our feet have been constantly moving as we have had to move to the ball and make sure that we receive the ball in the ready position and then pass it back it our partner with control and co-ordination.


In Literacy this term we have been busy writing in a variety of styles and challenging ourselves to write in sentences. We have practised using adjectives, writing cards for the King, including adding a question which we would want to ask him if we met him. We have written lists of ingredients for a vegetable soup and used time connectives when following instructions to make bird feeders. We have then finished the term with writing invitations to an Ugly Bug Ball. They children have blown us away with their application of phonic knowledge and we are very excited to see the children build on this further in term 6. 


In Maths we have been looking at the composition of numbers to 10! We have been using part-part whole models, tens frames, a whole range of manipulatives and die frames to help us. We have also used counters, Unifix and Numicon to explore doubling quantities to 10 and have begun to think about recording our findings in our own ways.



In Understanding the World we have been investigating the garden and thinking about the animals which live there as well as plants and flowers we might find. To keep our plants safe we made scarecrows and created stories to bring them to life. The children had a great time using real straw and materials to stuff their scarecrow and using old clothes to create their characters. They now have pride of place in our garden so please say "Hi" as you pass them each morning. 


In Religious Education we have been looking at special times within the Christian, Hindu and Jewish faiths. We found out about different celebrations that they may have including Christmas, Diwali and Sukkot. We had fun creating our own Sukkahs out of junk and construction materials to help celebrate the festival of Sukkot and made Rangoli patters using coloured sand so that we could participate in a role play version of Diwali


In Expressive Arts and Design we read Handa’s Surprise! We looked at how Handa’s basket had been woven in the story and then tried weaving for ourselves with card! We tried making rubbings of natural objects from our outdoor area and man-made objects from in our classrooms! In music we have been listening to different kinds of celebration music. We learnt about Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas and even had a go at learning some tradition dances from each celebration.


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