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Downs View Infant School

Term 6 Highlights

In Literacy we learnt about instructions. As a group we then used our amazing reading skills to read and follow the instructions to make a parachute for the teddy bear. We had great fun testing out the parachutes from the top of the slide.


We have been exploring measure this term in maths. During ID time (child initiated) the children have continued to practise their measuring skills. This also involved them counting and comparing numbers.



In PSED we have been thinking about things that are safe and things that are unsafe. We used the pictures to sort into two groups. We also talked about how we could make things safer and/or avoid being unsafe.


In Knowledge and Understanding of the World we enjoyed reading the story of “Who sank the boat”. We then carried out a science experiment to investigate floating and sinking which involved the children making their own boats and seeing how many animals it would take to sink the boat.


In Expressive Arts and Design we loved learning how to print. We used these skills to create a flying magic carpet which we have taken up to Year 1 with us and displayed them outside our new classrooms.


In Physical Development this term we have been jumping, throwing, balancing and showing control as we have practised athletics with Miss Piper. We love these lessons and have been amazed by the children’s progress and confidence in athletics!


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